AllCall Rio- Not only beautiful, but also Robust !


After the announcement of AllCall Rio, the curvedscreen smartphone has caught a deal of attention of the consumers as well as manufacturers. So have you wonder a serious as such: curved screen different from the general Border phone, if the AllCall Rio curved screen can hold the pressure- have good performance in Wearable and Wrestling? Today we will go into the topic in depth.


As the concept known by us- curved screen means less screen boundary, full glass design may increase many people’s concern: if the screen easy to damaged or broken? The product manage in AllCall give us a introduction of AllCall Rio screen.


In order to pursuit more elegant appearance, AllCall Rio this time using Curved screen to impress the customers. But in the other hand, expect the appearance, the performance and experience is also very important issues, such as : Wear and tear troubles. In order to give consideration both elegant and sturdy , Allcall Rio using 1.8mm glass protector cover, double thickness than general screen, so having double or higher anti-wear effects. Through 400 degrees Celsius 400 hours of steel processing, the Mohs’ hardness up to 8H, so from the AllCall Rio design , the designer have settled the problem form customer stand.


AllCall Rio curved screen has taken elegant and robust into account, so from appearance and screen safety, promised you a excellence user experience! For more detail information please click: