AllCall Rio 999 pcs global presale at bottom price 54.99$!


The AllCall Rio hit the headlines again as thea violence test video share and spread in YouTube today. We have claimed that AllCall Rio specially using 1.8mm glass protect before, this video shows AllCall Rio how solid is! Successfully through the walnut smash test, knock nail test, hammer beating test, scratch test, screen high temperature test, 1.5m drop test 8 floor drop test as well as land rover rolling test. Detail video information please click:

More surprising is much expected AllCall Rio released today with limited stock quantities 999pcs at bottom price 54.99$, and this presale activities will last for one week  from  June 19, 2017- June 26,2017. Also during this activities time, share our official facebook page, you may the lucky one to get one AllCall Rio for free. More activities information form:

Let’s now recap AllCall Rio main specs real quick. AllCall Rio packed with 3D curved screen, Dual cameras and built-in Sefile effects, adopting the MTK 6580A processor, 1GB RAM and 16 GB of inner storage space, as well as using 5,0-inch SHERP HD screen and 2700mAh battery. Such beautiful design Smartphone just with activities price 54.99$.


To learn more about the Allcall Rio and get the phone for free visit AllCall’s  official website.