AllCall Rio Pre-order Begins Shipping!


AllCall Rio managed to incite quite some attention during the pre-sale period and we really pleasure to announce some interesting numbers backing that. More than 30 thousand people registered for the chance during pre-sale, which is a quite respectable number.


With the number of interested customers rising there is always a worry lurking around about the on-time shipping of the pre-sale orders, but we have a good news that the first shipments are already on its way to the first pre-sale customers who registered in the first wave. As a proof we have pictures of the stock AllCall Rio packages as follows.


Let’s just quickly go through the AllCall Rio specs : AllCall Rio packed with 3D curved screen, tripe glass protector, dual cameras and built-in Sefile effects, adopting the MTK 6580A processor, 1GB RAM and 16 GB of inner storage space, as well as using 5,0-inch SHERP HD screen and 2700mAh battery. The strongest 3D Curved Screen and dual cameras Smartphone just with price 69.99$.


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