[Video] Long lasting battery comparison test- AllCall Rio VS Iphone


AllCall are really trying to drum up some surprising with their upcoming new AllCall Rio model and the latest promise they are making in connection to this phone is regarding the battery life. According to their latest statement it should be capable of 3-4 days of standby mode. Here is a battery lasting performance video compared to Iphone6:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2oF6E5vsFI

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This time, AllCall Rio packing 2700mAh Polymer battery, from the video we can see that Rio and Iphone 6 use simultaneously including calling, listening, as well as play games for one afternoon, and final Rio left 52% and Iphone left 51%, this data in conformity with we announced before Rio standby 72H, Calling 16H, game and video for 6H, this video Intuitive shows the real strong performance of Rio battery.

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Increased battery capacity, as well as especially optimized battery- saving system with superior background system power control makes the Rio longer battery life. According to the product manager said AllCall Rio add powerful Smart Engine battery management system, it can protects your battery usage by monitoring background activity to limit battery drainage.

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To know more AllCall Rio information please go directly to the official website: www.allcall.hk