Leading Color Processing Technology, Rio S More Beautiful Appearance!


AllCall Rio S defined activity has finished. Surprisingly, more expected fans and customers give us a lot of suggestions and feedback. With the large data analysis, the detail information and specification will be public after few days; today maybe we can talk about some confirmed things.


From the collected data, many people show much interested in recently hot color- blue and red, large possibility will meet fans demands and require, but detail color information will through the product manager evaluate, but the manager have disclosed Rio S will adopt advanced electroplating process.

With higher demand on vision, smartphone makers make effort to introduce new innovative color, also big improved in color process. Electroplating coloring process as advanced processing have the undeniable advantages. Maximum to return the true color itself, showing more transparent and pure; another more important is through this processing, the Smartphone cover has stronger prevent metal oxidation effects(such as corrosion), improving wear resistance,reflective. As well as higher technology and more refined color processing will give Rio S beautiful mirror effects.


But of course the colors are just the outside appearance and the inside hardware is equally or even more important. Make through in appearance design, much challenge will be in the performance, more detail information check in official website: www.allcall.hk.