The Appearance of AllCall Rio S First Exposure to Public


Today we get a first look at the AllCall Rio S, the Chinese phone maker’s upcoming budget phone. As we can see in the photo below the AllCall Rio S sports 3D curved screen and delicate metal frame.

 AllCall Rio S

From the picture we can see Rio S different from last device-Rio, this time Rio S adopting 5.5 inch screen, but it continue the Rio 3D curved screen. Compared to Rio, 3D curved screen have more obvious curved surface in Rio S as the large 5.5 inch screen. In the other hand, Rio S also following dedicate metal frame, with smooth rounded lines and seamless make the Rio S more dedicate and elegant.

Rio S smartphone

In order to make Rio S with more remarkable design, the product manage said Rio S manufactured using cutting-edge technologies such as double CNC highlighting and nano-injection molding to ensure smooth design and high durability. Combines 3D curved screen elegant makes it the perfect practical accessory for any occasion.


Curved screen is the main trend in Smartphone design and appearance nowadays, also in the Rio S defined activity, more fans and user preference the curved, Rio S more remarkable design will meet your all fantastic in Smartphone’s appearance. More information: