AllCall Rio S - Border breaking, bigger than bigger


Curved displays are set to be all the rage this year with Huawei, Xiaomi, as well as Allcall. After Rio, the upcoming Rio upgrade Rio S also feature curved screen. The AllCall Rio S is a mighty fine phone from information we see as far, the Rio S— is in the works, and with something continues from Rio, also something new.


The AllCall Rio S this time going to feature dual-curved edges. ‘Dual’ in the sense that it won’t just be the front or the rear that’s curved, but it’ll be curved on all sides. AllCall suddenly seem to have realized the love for curves — the recently launchedRio is a phone that’s favored by many Smartphone fans with elegant curved screen. Good trends need to inherit and carry forward.

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Challenge process limit,Rio S used a more advanced 3D grinding process and German imports CNC tool. Through 40 minutes, dozens of processes to polish the 3D arc effect, the screen edge angle is greater, especially in 5.5 inch HD SHARP screen,bigger vision experience also show the more obvious smoothly and curved surface.


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