AllCall Rio S, Give You Sufficient Sense of Security


Modern people lack a sense of security, including the lack of security for their mobile phones. If you’re looking for a Smartphone with some serious display protection, you may want to consider the recently very hot attention -Rio, which has amazing video show the strong performance in anti-drop features. But now the Allcall will release Rio upgrade version-Rio S with more solid triple glass protection!

AllCall Rio S smartphone


The AllCall Rio S achieves this endurance by way of its three-pronged display protection. First, the AllCall Rio S features a 5.5 inch HD 3D screen which adopting superior Glass Tempered Technology. Each layer passed strong steel treatment, triple steel effect harder than normal one, which is relatively strong enough to provide protection for even 15-foot drops. Next, there is the metal frame, Supplemented by metal frame and non-removable battery cover, anti-drop performance greatly improved. Also constructed by the way of CNC cutting process, makes the frame “razor-sharp.”

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Another more important is Rio S packing unibody metal design, integrated cell phone panel, battery and battery cover in one. Unibody design achieved higher strength, solid body with super glass cover. Through official test, the Rio S without any damage from 2.t Land Rover brutal rolling!

Rio S  smartphone

So strong and solid performance has flipped you? To know about AllCall Brand and Rio S detail information, please check the officialwebsite: