AllCall Rio S Leading Anti-fingerprint Process


AllCall may have just announced their newest phone, the AllCall Rio S, but the phone is already being subjected to all sorts to performance and test. The newest of these is an oleophobic layer effects show.

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As we all know mobile phone has become an indispensable part of people's lives, people on the phone's request is no longer confined to the communication, more of a kind of beauty. However, because we use the phone more frequently, the protective film hold a few days will be everywhere scratches. AllCall always pursuit user friendly in every details, Rio S Japan's leading anti-fingerprint coating process.

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From the above picture, we can see that the screen very clearly and smooth,Water droplets are free to slip without leaving traces, covered with anti-fingerprint oil coating, the screen surface smoother and reduce fingerprints and a variety of stains attached. Even if contaminated fingerprint is also very easy to wipe off, eliminating the regular cleaning trouble, and will not affect the Smartphone optical characteristics and appearance, but also make the fingers touch mores smooth, improved operational experience.

The AllCall Rio S is a fantastic new version of Rio, that also happens to come out with the 3D curved screen and upgraded triple glass protection, as well as packing 5.5 SHARP display … which if you aren’t aware, is the latest more worth buying dual cameras and hardest Smartphone in the same level.

You can read more about the AllCall Rio S here in the official website here: